Upcoming Sales

Better come ready to dig!! We have jewelry, sterling silver, US coins, 14k Gold pocket watch, large machete, binoculars, African artifacts, late 1980 Playboys magazines, collectible items, travel trunk, Lyons, Christmas items, matchbox, new home Westinghouse sewing machine, Kitchen, Kentucky derby collectors glasses, dish sets, China, KitchenAid, pots and pans, mugs, silver plate, chairs, antique hall table, books, VHS is cassettes and eight tracks, elephants, recliner, lemons, vintage singer featherweight sewing machine, Galileo telescope and tripod, Old metal fans, small desk, walkie-talkies, air horn, brass, sewing and crafting, vintage dresser, holsters, artwork, vintage wedding dress, oriental, vacuums, vintage clocks, clothing, shoes, all cameras, purses, scarves, ties, beds, Panasonic stereo and turntable, cedar chest, bookcase, garage, power tools, shed, compressor, fishing, sander, Extension ladders, 8 foot ladder, chemicals, cleaning supplies, military bunks, hand tools, and power tools, generator, and much much more.

3 responses to “Upcoming Sales

  1. Linda

    Would like to be on your email list for future Estate sales. Thanks

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